Micro Medic sells and supports a wide variety of software titles. We are Microsoft Gold Certified partners which allows us to work closely with Microsoft to recommend, sell, and support their products to solve your IT needs.

All of the computing power in the world does you no good if you don’t have the correct software selected and installed properly. Whether it is the operating system that runs your servers, the accounting software that manages your finances, or the document processing software you use every day to communicate, having the right software that works properly can have a tremendous impact on your productivity and profitability.

Because we are Microsoft Gold Certified partners we are experts when it comes to selecting, installing, configuring and maintaining most of Microsoft’s line of products. This includes server operating systems, PC operating systems, Microsoft Office, email applications, and more. We have hundreds of customers in our installed base running a wide variety of Microsoft software. We utilize the tools available to apply security and other patches on your machines if and when it makes sense for your business. Though we don’t need it often, by being a Microsoft Gold Certified partner we also have direct access to Microsoft Technical support personnel who can help us through difficult problems.

In addition to Microsoft, we also sell and set up a wide variety of other software products for things like anti-virus (Trend), and backup (Veritas, ShadowProtect, SolarWinds), to name a few.

Knowing what software to buy is perhaps more important than what price you pay. Selecting the wrong software can cost you over and over again. Micro Medic employs the same methodology with software as we do with hardware – that being we do not generally recommend bleeding edge solutions. Instead we wait until new software has been put through the wringer and the bugs worked out before we recommend it to our customers for their business critical needs.

Experience is our most important asset. Let us put that experience to work for you by letting us help you make a smart choice for your next software purchase.