Micro Medic offers DR solutions that can help ensure the survival of your business, and most importantly its data and intellectual property, from natural and man-made disasters. From off-site data and backups to virtual server replication to cloud based applications and file storage, we can recommend the services and equipment needed keep your business running after a disaster.

Due to COVID everyone is now familiar with remote access technologies that can be implemented to allow users to access important systems and data, even when access to the physical office is not available. Your company can continue to function even on the worst of “snow days” or a Pandemic. We can help you plan for these types of contingencies.

Implementing robust backups along with virtualization technology allows us to spin up functioning servers, without needing to purchase and configure new hardware. Combining these technologies with off-site backups, extends these capabilities to scenarios where the company’s facilities have become destroyed or unavailable for extended periods of time.