Micro Medic offers comprehensive backup solutions through partnerships with Veritas, Storage Craft and SolarWinds. These services provide backups of your most critical data to protect you in the event of a catastrophic event such as a server crash, a fire in your building, virus attack, or a natural disaster. We offer a variety of on premise and cloud based options to protect workstations, servers, and email systems.

We offer solutions that provide continuous backups throughout the day, or backups that occur just once a day. Backups can be completely on premise, a hybrid approach, or all cloud based. Which solution you choose will depend on how you do business. These backups can apply to all types of data on both workstations and servers. You decide on what data is most important to your business and we create a backup plan that fits your budget and your backup needs.

We monitor these backup processes remotely to ensure backups are occurring as desired and alert you when they are not.